July 3, 2018

Cookie & Privacy Information

Privacy Notice

In accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines, I take the following measures to ensure any personal data is sufficiently protected.

Personal details (such as name, phone number, email address, GP information, attendance and payment records) are either kept securely on a password protected computer in encrypted and password protected documents or in a locked filing cabinet if handwritten. These are used solely for client communication purposes.

Records are kept of our sessions (eg dates of each session attended or cancelled/rescheduled and a brief comment on the factual content discussed), these are stored separately from your contact details in an encrypted and password protected document if electronic, or in a locked filing cabinet if handwritten. Records are kept to assist our work and for administrative and insurance purposes and will be kept for 7 years, thereafter deleted/shredded. Should you wish to see your notes at any time, please ask and I will arrange for this. Please note that your name, phone number and GP details will be shared with my supervisor so they have the means to contact you should I suddenly become incapacitated and unable to work. Supervisors are also bound by confidentiality.

You have a right of access to the information being held about you. You can provide a written request for this and I am obliged to respond within a month to your request.

I use my phone and email primarily for brief conversations related to appointments. I do not offer therapy via email, texts or over the phone. Please note that although my emails are encrypted, emails are not a secure means of communicating and the privacy of email communication cannot be guaranteed. Your phone number and email address are also kept on a PIN number protected work phone with only your initials to identify you and will be deleted when you end therapy.

Please note that I don’t engage in relationships via social media networks with current or past clients.


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